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Syndrome Search is a website, which offers a search engine for the syndrome & disease community. It would be a very helpful tool for medical professionals, doctors & interns, interested in rare diseases and syndromes.

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Dr. Rajendra Adhikari
Consultant Pediatrician

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Mrs. Archana Adhikari

Chairman & founder Adhikari Consultants

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Mobile no. - 91- 9414567196  , 


                     Over the years we are providing Astrology based consultancy services for various life time activities. We are specialized in dealing problems related to studies, career, profession & service.  We have extended these services through our website – , where the queries can be submitted online with suitable payment options.  After Astrological analysis of problem, we provide solution in the form of predictions & conclusion, sent via E-mail. Our aim is ‘We care, your future’.

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